December 4, 2015 - Ben Lloyd Pearson

Announcing the Launch of The Comprehensive Guide to Open Source for Business

We’d like to formally announce the launch of The Comprehensive Guide to Open Source for Business.

It’s no secret, open source is quickly becoming a business imperative, whether that means its use, development, or both. Any business that leads their industry over the coming decades will most likely do it through open source. Samsung is one of many major technology companies that are pushing for greater open source use and development in business through dedicated open source efforts like the Open Source Group here.

With that said, the transition to using open source technology is rife with pitfalls, areas of confusion, and challenges that must be overcome for the transition to be a success. It can be very tricky for a company that has traditionally relied on proprietary software to navigate these waters without a guide, and this information is scattered across many sources, making it tough to develop a comprehensive plan of action.

Who is This Guide For?

The people that will benefit most from the guide likely work in a company that primarily uses proprietary software but is interested into transitioning to the use and/or development of open source. We will provide an introductory definition of open source for those that are brand new to this subject. From there, we will explore more advance topics on the use and development of open source that should provide beneficial information for anyone, even those that are seasoned veterans.

Specifically, individuals who will most likely be interested in this guide include:

  • C-level Executives
  • Software Development Managers
  • Software Architects
  • Software Engineers
  • Systems Administrators

Our Motivation & Background

One of the biggest benefits of open source development is leveraging the talents and skills of engineers that span numerous companies and organizations, and who develop for an incredible range of use cases. In other words, the more companies and individuals we recruit to develop open source software, the greater the benefits Samsung gets from open source technologies (and any other company involved with these projects for that matter).

The content of this guide is pieced together from a variety resources including presentations, articles, and training courses that were designed by experienced open source engineers, strategists, and directors. We believe in the fundamental strengths of open source and we want to promote its use in business to make open source a more integral part of technology of the future.

Stay Tuned for Regular Updates!

The guide will be published as an extended series of blog posts over the coming months. We would love to have active community engagement, and we welcome comments on any portion of this series; we want to share knowledge in both directions. We look forward to publishing this series, and we hope we can provide you with plenty of beneficial information.

Ben Lloyd Pearson

About Ben Lloyd Pearson

Ben handles Open Source Operations for the Samsung Open Source Group. He has a background that spans many areas of technology including digital media, audio / video production, web development, IT systems support / administration, and technical writing. In addition to his work for Samsung, he also runs Open Source Today, a news blog that covers developments in the open source industry. He lives in Austin, Texas, a place he and his wife chose to live in order to experience one of the best scenes for food, music, and technology in the world. He is a musician, aspiring amateur chef, DIY mechanic, and avid gamer.

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