Enlightenment Development Tutorials

Enlightenment is a compositing and stacking window manager that was originally built on the X Window system, but has since been adapted to also serve as a Wayland compositor.

Enlightenment is extremely valuable to Samsung where it’s relied on for many products, specifically it’s the compositor used in Tizen. Like any other open source community, the more people we can get involved with Enlightenment the better, so we’ve decided to publish a series of tutorials that demonstrate how various Enlightenment modules work.

Enlightenment Gadgets

Gadgets are simple desktop widgets that provide specific functionality such as monitoring system resources, or performing basic actions like launching a specific program. They are designed to be placed in a variety of locations and contexts and adapted to meet the requirements of each. Starting with the E21 release, Enlightenment makes the creation and management of gadgets very easy with the E_gadget system.

How to Create Enlightenment Gadgets – This post offers an introduction on the topic of writing gadgets with a focus on the basics.

An Introduction to Enlightenment Gadget Orientation – Gadgets will probably need to change their look depending on where there are located. For example, you might need arrows that point away from whatever screen edge the gadget is aligned to. This tutorial explains how Enlightenment makes it very easy to adapt gadgets to all kinds of orientation requirements.

How Enlightenment Gadgets Handle Sizing – Enlightenment makes gadget sizing simple by using an automatic sizing algorithm to fit itself into its given location. This helps ensure that gadgets are always the size the user has specified while also maintaining the best sizes for the gadgets so they will look the way the author intended. This tutorial covers how to handle gadget sizing in Enlightenment.

Enlightenment Gadget Lifetime Management & Site Creation – Enlightenment offers methods that makes the creation and destruction of gadgets easy to implement. This tutorial covers how Enlightenment handles gadget lifetime management and the two methods Enlightenment offers for creating gadget sites.