The Comprehensive Guide to Open Source for Business

Open source is quickly becoming a business imperative, whether that means its use, development, or both. Any business that leads their industry over the coming decades will most likely do it through open source. This comprehensive guide takes a look at what is required for a business to successfully collaborate with open source communities and leverage open source technology to advance the company.

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Definitions of terms found in this guide can be found here.

A Definition of the Open Source Development Model

Why Open Source?

Open Source Legal and Compliance

  • The Essentials of Open Source Licensing
  • How to Choose a License
  • How to Ensure Open Source Software is Legally Compatible

How to Incorporate Open Source Best Practices into a Business

  • General Open Source Best Practices
  • How to Facilitate Collaboration with an Open Source Community
  • How to Build Code for Upstream

The Open Sourcing Process

  • General Guidelines for Launching an Open Source Project
  • How to Prepare a Company to Support Open Source
  • How to Launch an Open Source Project