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  • Open Source Wrap Up: September 19-25, 2015 Autodesk releases 3D Printer Electronics and Firmware as Open Source Ember is a 3D SLS printer that is being developed by Autodesk. The company released the resin and mechanical designs for the printer under a CC-BY-SA license back in May, and now they’ve given the same treatment to¬† the electronics and firmware that run the printer. The electronic components are based on the BeagleBone Black, but include a USB hub to support a WiFi adapter, double the flash memory (8GB), and improved power management. It also includes an AVR-based motor controller and a satellite board for the OLED display and ring of LEDs on the front panel. The design files, schematics and PCBs, and bill of materials are all available under a CC-BY-SA license, and the firmware has been released under a GNU GPL license. Their goal with these releases is to get […]

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