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  • July 6, 2015 - Anton Obzhirov and Julien Isorce

    Announcing a New Gstreamer Backend for Chromium

    We’re excited to announce the open source release of a built-in GStreamer backend for Chromium that is now available on GitHub. This is the result of a research project that was kicked off last April by the Web Engine R&D team located in the Samsung UK office. One of our initial goals for this project was to make it open source, but we decided we needed to get basic playback working with sandboxing first in order to generate interest after its open source launch. Our solution is the first of its kind and enables all of the versatility and flexibility of GStreamer on the Chromium media player. We seek involvement from any company, organization, or individual that uses GStreamer as their main multimedia engine. How Did We Build It? Our design follows the sandbox requirements of the Chromium infrastructure, meaning it can only access the resources that are vital to […]

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  • June 1, 2015 - Mike Blumenkrantz and Lars Bergstrom

    Servo: The Countdown To Your Next Browser Continues

    Huge progress is being made on the Servo browser engine, and development continues moving forward at full speed. Now, it’s even possible to write applications that embed Servo to display web content, and these applications can drop Chromium in at any point, with very few changes, in order to have a more functional product while Servo continues its heavy development. This article will take a look at the new code that provides this detection ability to toggle functionality based on the running engine, in addition to the new improvements that have been introduced to Servo’s rendering and embedding capabilities. Detecting Servo to Work in Harmony With Chromium Detection of the engine is made possible by a symbol added into Servo’s embedding library, which can be detected in C with a bit of code like this:

    This returns the address of the symbol and sets a boolean variable “servo” based […]

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