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  • Open Source Wrap Up: July 18 – 24, 2015 Google Releases Kubernetes 1.0 Google has announced the release of Kubernetes 1.0 at OSCON. Kubernetes is a container deployment and management tool that has been under development by Google for a few years. This program has been the basis for running many of Google’s apps including their search, Gmail, Google Docs, and more. This release is a part of Google’s effort to get support for Kubernetes on more platforms including OpenStack and Microsoft Azure. The project has been Google’s most successful open source project and includes more than 14,000 commits from more than 400 contributors. Read more at ZDNet. IBM Launches developerWorks Open IBM has announced the launch of developerWorks Open, a new program aimed at improving adoption and development of new cloud innovations and mobile technologies. The project seeks to bridge the gap between open source developers and business needs […]

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