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  • October 19, 2015 - Tom Hacohen

    Using OpenPGP Keys For SSH Authentication

    If you already use OpenPGP, there is no need for you to create an additional SSH key. You can just consolidate your identity and use the same key for SSH authentication. The main benefits that come to mind are: Preparing yourself for your eventual migration to using an OpenPGP smart card (hereby: SmartCard) like the YubiKey NEO. Having one less key to worry about. The rest of this post assumes: You use GnuPG version 2.1 or later (run gpg –version to verify). You already have an OpenPGP key (plenty of tutorials online). You already use gpg-agent as your SSH agent (plenty of tutorials online). Create an Authentication subkey We first need to open the relevant key for editing in expert mode:

    Now we are going to add a new authentication key:

    Select (8) RSA (set your own capabilities).

    Select (S), (E) and (A) until the current allowed […]

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