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  • December 29, 2016 - Arun Raghavan

    Playback Synchronization & Video Walls with GStreamer

    Hello again, and I hope you’re having a pleasant end of the year (if you are, you might want to consider avoiding the news until next year). In a previous post, I wrote about synchronized playback with GStreamer, and work on this has continued apace. Since I last wrote about it, a bunch of work has been completed: Added support for sending a playlist to clients (instead of a single URI), Added the ability to start/stop playback, Cleaned up the API considerably to improve the potential for it to be included upstream, Turned the control protocol implementation into an interface to remove the necessity to use the built-in TCP server (different use-cases might want different transports), Improved overall robustness of code and documentation, Introduced an API for clients to send the server information about themselves, and finally Added an API for the server to send video transformations for each specific client to apply before rendering. […]

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  • Among the tests run daily on the GStreamer continuous integration server, there is a suite for detecting regressions and dangerous conditions called gst-validate. It’s a somewhat recent addition in the history of the project; in short, it activates a number of monitors in running pipelines to detect and report possible issues. These checks can be enabled for any pipeline, and wrap over all elements. gst-validate is run for a number of scenarios and formats that simulate real-world use cases, and it will catch issues for any element in the pipelines under these scenarios. Thibault Saunier, the lead maintainer of gst-validate, has written a very good summary of how it works. Another important part of gst-validate is the media verification tooling, called media-check. This tool compares playback data from a pipeline using the latest git master of GStreamer with a reference file from a previous version, any differences are reported and […]

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