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  • October 25, 2016 - Reynaldo Verdejo

    The 2016 GStreamer Hackfest & Conference in Berlin

    A few days ago, while on my way back from the GStreamer hackfest and conference combo, I tried to come up with a list of pearls to share here and arrived at a pretty troubling conclusion: there was no easy way to do so. The Hackfest I met Luis (De Bethencourt) a kilometer away from my hotel on a cold Saturday morning on October 8th. By then, I had already figured the only exercise I’d be able to get during my short 4-day stay in Berlin was going to be related to my commute, so I decided to embrace walking. We headed for C-Base as soon as we meet at his hotel’s lobby and arrived 10 minutes later to meet the typical familiar faces from the GStreamer community. So did everything start. The GStreamer developer community, while quite compact, has a surprisingly large number of regulars; people tend to stay around. This is something you hardly […]

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  • Media pipelines are important to virtually any modern device that displays video or audio. It’s important these pipelines are optimized in order to provide responsive video and audio playback on devices that might have tightly constrained hardware resources like smartphones, smartwatches, and IoT devices. During the GStreamer summer hackfest in Montpellier, France one of our areas of focus was on improving how GStreamer performs caps negotiation. Brief review of caps negotiation Before data can flow on a GStreamer pipeline, elements must agree on the data format they will use. The process of selecting those formats is called Caps Negotiation and it uses three different types of interactions: caps queries, accept-caps queries and caps events. The Caps Query is used to ask elements what formats they can receive or produce, and it is recursive in that one element also queries others to avoid exposing formats that wouldn’t be accepted further ahead in the […]

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  • June 8, 2015 - Luis de Bethencourt

    Getting Things Done at the 2015 GStreamer Hackfest

    Over the weekend of March 13-15th, the Samsung Open Source Group office in Staines-upon-Thames, UK, hosted 34 developers of the GStreamer  project for a hackfest. GStreamer is a library for constructing graphs of media-handling components, and its uses range from simple music file playback and audio/video streaming to complex audio mixing and video processing. A lot of familiar faces showed up, as well as an unusual number of new people, and it was a very productive hackfest. While everybody hammered away on laptops, we worked on and discussed a variety of topics related to both the framework and applications. Discussions to Be Had… Some of the discussions that took place on the framework side included: How to move forward with the DASH common encryption – Patches have been sitting in Bugzilla for this for a while. An agreement was reached on how to simplify things and make them more generic so its possible […]

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