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  • October 7, 2015 - Ben Lloyd Pearson

    LinuxCon Europe Wrap Up

    We sent a handful of representatives to LinuxCon EU in Dublin, Ireland this week, and we found quite a lot of value in doing so. Between attending sessions, networking with other experts in the open source industry over Guinness and Irish Whiskey, and meeting people at our booth there was quite a lot for us to do. Buzzwords Abound Its a given that any technical conference will feature a few topics that the industry is focusing on at the time. For some time now, IoT has been perhaps the biggest topic in open source technology and Linux. This conference was no exception with numerous keynotes and sessions that covered IoT platforms including IoTivity, OpenWRT, and more. This topic is only picking up steam and is driven by a serious demand for consumer IoT devices. Additionally, containers continue to be a major area of interest, especially when it comes to cloud […]

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  • August 21, 2015 - Ben Lloyd Pearson

    Linux Continues Full Steam Ahead: LinuxCon 2015

    A few of us from the Samsung Open Source Group had the pleasure of attending LinuxCon in Seattle this week. It attracted more than 1,500 professionals from the Linux community and the rest of the open source industry for presentations, conversations, and general mingling. For the first time, LinuxCon was colocated with ContainerCon which, in addition to CloudOpen, brought quite a few experts from companies that work on cloud technologies and virtualization. Linux is at the Center of an Ever-Growing Ecosystem Anyone familiar with the Linux Foundation probably knows the community is as strong as ever and shows little sign of slowing down. Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, explained this in his opening keynote when he stated that  nearly 3,000 developers have contributed more than 64 million lines of code to Linux Foundation collaborative projects (not including the Linux Kernel). These contributions represent $5.1 billion in […]

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  • Open Source Wrap Up: August 8-14, 2015 Google Launches Showcase for Experimental, Open Source Android Apps Google has launched Android Experiments, a site that showcases apps that use cutting edge technology with clean, modern aesthetics and interfaces. All of the apps hosted on Android Experiments are open source, allowing other developers to learn from these examples and use them to build their own software. The mobile app market has been slow to adopt open source, which prevents a lot of newcomers from creating their first app by making it significantly more challenging to start. Google seeks to address this with Android Experiments by allowing anyone to submit apps to be included in the showcase. New Simple, Cheap, Open Source Nitrate Tester Nitrate pollution as a result of agricultural runoff is a major problem for the world’s waterways. Commercial testing of nitrate levels is an expensive process that involves proprietary tools […]

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