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  • November 13, 2015 - Samsung Open Source Group

    A New AI, Medical Robots, and More in This Week’s Wrap Up

    Open Source Wrap Up: November 7 -13, 2015 Google Releases Open Source AI Engine: TensorFlow Google has released TensorFlow, deep learning that is used in many of the company’s products, as open source. The software uses a library for numerical computation inside data flow graphs that pass dynamically sized, multi-dimensional arrays, called tensors, between nodes. The nodes perform processing asynchronously, in parallel once all tensors on their incoming edges become available. This design makes TensorFlow flexible and portable as it is relatively simple to reconstruct data flow graphs and use high-level programming languages to develop new computational systems. Google has used this to connect artificial intelligence research with product teams that build new products that use this software. By releasing it as open source, the company hopes to bring more people into this convergence effort and standardize the set of tools people rely on for this work. To learn more, […]

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