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  • July 6, 2015 - Anton Obzhirov and Julien Isorce

    Announcing a New Gstreamer Backend for Chromium

    We’re excited to announce the open source release of a built-in GStreamer backend for Chromium that is now available on GitHub. This is the result of a research project that was kicked off last April by the Web Engine R&D team located in the Samsung UK office. One of our initial goals for this project was to make it open source, but we decided we needed to get basic playback working with sandboxing first in order to generate interest after its open source launch. Our solution is the first of its kind and enables all of the versatility and flexibility of GStreamer on the Chromium media player. We seek involvement from any company, organization, or individual that uses GStreamer as their main multimedia engine. How Did We Build It? Our design follows the sandbox requirements of the Chromium infrastructure, meaning it can only access the resources that are vital to […]

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  • We’re approaching (in a few months) the 24th anniversary of the famous email that Linus Torvalds (then an anonymous college student) sent to the world announcing his ‘hobby’ operating system (Linux). A lot has changed since that email, and while Linus still maintains ultimate veto power over what goes into the Linux Kernel, the fundamental tenet of letting go of a portion of the control over his project to gain the advantages of mass collaboration remains. This is at the core of all open source projects, and even in 2015 it seems to be a lesson that some people in Corporate America still haven’t fully grasped. The good news is that pretty much every industry has recognized the huge value of consuming open source, whether it be for internal use in their enterprise infrastructure, or as the basis for successful product lines. However, there is still widespread corporate reluctance to […]

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  • April 27, 2015 - Guy Martin and Ben Lloyd Pearson

    GearVRf: The Journey from Proprietary to Open Source

    The Open Source Group recently provided technical and strategic consulting to a Samsung team that has developed an exciting new Virtual Reality Framework. GearVRf is a rendering library to help speed application development on VR-supported Android devices. The team had a desire to launch an open source project around this code, and in this post we’ll share the process we went through to help them make this happen. We believe sharing this experience is important for two main reasons. First, readers with less experience in this area will gain a sense of what’s required to take internal code, make it available under an open source license and then drive its adoption by growing a developer community. Second, readers with more experience will hopefully give us feedback on how we can do this better the next time. What Does it Take to Launch a Successful Open Source Project? Our process started […]

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