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  • June 29, 2015 - Jon A. Cruz

    How to Make Software Testing Work for You

    Testing is a vital aspect of the software development process. Most software developers should already know this, but if you find yourself working with people who disagree, it might be time to step back and take stock of the situation. Being familiar with common terminology is a good first step (if this topic is new to you, I advise you to read that article), but decisions about the details of testing implementation can often get tricky. The first among these decisions is deciding when it’s necessary to test. Is it Time to Test? For developers, this question has a simple answer: Yes. If you are coding, you should be testing. Between unit testing and system/integration testing, most development phases should be covered by some sort of test. Different phases might involve different types of testing, but some form of testing should be going on throughout. With that said, everything that […]

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  • April 22, 2015 - Lars Bergstrom and Mike Blumenkrantz

    Servo: Building a High-Performance, Safe Web Browser

    Servo is a new web rendering engine that was launched by Mozilla in 2012 and is now receiving significant contributions from both Samsung and independent community members. Our goal is to produce an embeddable engine that can be used in both browsers and applications to make the web platform faster and safer, and bring it to more devices. We started this project to address fundamental limitations of current browser engines. First, the C family of programming languages doesn’t ensure safe use of memory, which leads to the majority of all zero-day browser security bugs. Second, current engines were originally designed for use on a PC, and are challenging to scale down to low memory and low power devices. Finally, as the web platform has evolved, the tightly-coupled design of current browser engines has made it difficult to provide performance guarantees, such as 60 fps screen updates. Memory Safety Investigations have […]

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