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  • January 12, 2016 - Derek Foreman

    Wayland 1.10 Sneak Preview

    Now that 2015 is deader than XFree86 and the year of the Linux desktop is finally here, I’m sure everyone’s wondering what 2016 will bring for Wayland… Sometime in mid January the 1.10 alpha release is coming, with a 1.10 release to follow in February, and this is already shaping up to be a pretty beefy release. New and Improved Here are some of the new core Wayland features that have already landed: Release requests for wl_seat – This is a step towards fixing a long standing problem. With no proper release request, it’s been impossible for the compositor to delete a wl_seat. This seems like it shouldn’t be a big deal until you consider the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) compositor, which creates a new seat for every login. Without a way to release seat resources completely, it effectively leaks seats. wl_surface.damage_buffer – This new request (already supported in Weston and EFL) allows […]

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