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  • Among the tests run daily on the GStreamer continuous integration server, there is a suite for detecting regressions and dangerous conditions called gst-validate. It’s a somewhat recent addition in the history of the project; in short, it activates a number of monitors in running pipelines to detect and report possible issues. These checks can be enabled for any pipeline, and wrap over all elements. gst-validate is run for a number of scenarios and formats that simulate real-world use cases, and it will catch issues for any element in the pipelines under these scenarios. Thibault Saunier, the lead maintainer of gst-validate, has written a very good summary of how it works. Another important part of gst-validate is the media verification tooling, called media-check. This tool compares playback data from a pipeline using the latest git master of GStreamer with a reference file from a previous version, any differences are reported and […]

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