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  • This year at LinuxCon EU, I gave a talk titled Static Analysis of Your OSS Project with Coverity. In this talk, I briefly touched on using the Travis Continuous Integration system to submit builds to the Coverity Scan service (slide 22). This is an extremely easy way for GitHub projects to use static analysis, and I think it deserves some more detail. While I was setting it up for another project I’m working on, I collected some notes to provide a steb-by-step guide to enable it for a project you have on GitHub. The project I’ll be using as an example is wpan-tools, the user space tools for Linux IEEE 802.15.4 stack. It is written in C with autotools for the build system, and it has only a few dependencies, making it easy to understand this guide. The final goal is to automatically submit new builds to the Coverity Scan […]

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