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  • November 2, 2015 - Bryce Harrington

    Mechanizing TWiki: Scripted Wiki Editing With Python

    Here at Samsung the Open Source Group, we use TWiki to file our weekly status reports, among other things. These reports include summaries of our upstream activity as measured by the number of patches we review for others and how many we land ourselves. There are various ways to collect these statistics programmatically; the question we’ll look at in this article is how to programmatically upload the data into Twiki. TWiki is a type of wiki software similar to what powers Wikipedia, WikiTravel, TV Tropes, Muppet.wikia, and on and on. TWiki has more of a corporate-oriented focus, and includes a wealth of functionality for structuring and formatting various types of data that a corporate team might need to create dynamic reports. Like all wiki’s, TWiki is set up to be easy for people to directly edit pages. It doesn’t require any background in HTML or CSS or JavaScript; you just […]

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