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  • A V4L2 staging driver for the Raspberry Pi (RPi) was recently merged into the Linux kernel 4.11. While this driver is currently under development, I wanted to test it and to provide help with V4L2-related issues. So, I took some time to build an upstream kernel for the Raspberry Pi 3 with V4L2 enabled. This isn’t a complex process, but it requires some tricks for it to work; this article describes the process. Prepare an Upstream Kernel The first step is to prepare an upstream kernel by cloning a git tree from the kernel repositories. Since the Broadcom 2835 camera driver (bcm2835-v4l2) is currently under staging, it’s best to clone the staging tree because it contains the staging/vc04_services directory with both ALSA and V4L2 drivers:

    There’s an extra patch that it is required for DT to work with the bcm2835-v4l2 driver:

    You need to apply this to the git tree, in order for the vciq […]

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  • Open Source Wrap Up: June 27 – July 2, 2015 Linux Foundation Announces R Consortium The Linux Foundation (LF) has announced the launch of the R Consortium, a collaborative project aimed at strengthening the technical and user communities of the R programming language. R is an open source programming language used by statisticians and data scientists to extract value from data, and it is used by millions of researchers around the world. This is the newest collaborative project of the many that have been launched by the LF, which all focus on the promotion and development of their respective communities. To learn more about the R Consortium, visit the project website. Tizen 3.0 Common 2015.Q2 is Released The Tizen community has announced the release of Tizen 3.0 Common 2015.Q2. This release features a number of upgrades and improvements; most notably, major changes have been made to system security. The Crosswalk […]

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