April 10, 2017 - Ben Lloyd Pearson

What Does the Samsung OSG Do?

In case you haven’t heard the news, we’re currently on a quest to hire a new Linux Kernel engineer, so we thought this would be a good time to explain what our team does for Samsung. Samsung relies on open source software for the vast majority of products and services the company produces and as a result, it has become an imperative for the company to have a team dedicated to improving and leveraging open source software.

Essentially, the OSG has two primary purposes. The first is to provide open source leadership within Samsung by helping other divisions in the company understand how to participate in and benefit from open source development. The second is to serve as Samsung’s representatives in the wider open source community. The mandate of this team is to focus on enhancing key open source projects and technologies via active contributions to them, and to be actively involved and engaged with various open source organizations and foundations.

What Does it Take to be an Open Source Engineer?

The engineers on our team spend most of their time engaged in normal software development, that is designing, developing, debugging, and testing as they improve functionality in key open source projects. However, their skills often go far beyond their technical capabilities because they also have to be a bridge between Samsung and the open source communities we rely on. This means they often engage in

  • Supporting product and R&D teams with their open source expertise,
  • Conducting internal workshops to build open source competencies in diverse business units,
  • Promoting best practices for open source within Samsung,
  • Monitoring Samsung software architecture to identify components that can better leverage open source technology,
  • introducing new and innovative open source technologies to Samsung,
  • Representing Samsung in the wider open source community at external conferences and community events and through technical and political leadership roles.

Our team has a unique combination of technical, interpersonal, and theoretical knowledge and skills that they have to rely on every single day to adapt quickly to changes in open source technology.

If you’re someone who has successfully contributed code to the upstream Linux kernel, and you think you’d be a good fit for our team, we’d love to hear from you!

Ben Lloyd Pearson

About Ben Lloyd Pearson

Ben handles Open Source Operations for the Samsung Open Source Group. He has a background that spans many areas of technology including digital media, audio / video production, web development, IT systems support / administration, and technical writing. In addition to his work for Samsung, he also runs Open Source Today, a news blog that covers developments in the open source industry. He lives in Austin, Texas, a place he and his wife chose to live in order to experience one of the best scenes for food, music, and technology in the world. He is a musician, aspiring amateur chef, DIY mechanic, and avid gamer.

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